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20+ Marvelous Easter Tablescapes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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“Tablescape” is a relatively new term used in interior decorating. It is defined exactly as one would think- a landscape for your table. This, of course, encompasses a large area to play with. It could be as simple as a floral centerpiece, or as elaborate as a theatrical production for a buffet or photo shoot.

These are just a few reasons that we should treat our dining area, whether it’s in a dining room, kitchen, patio, or other area with tender loving hands. Who knows- you may even find time to sit with your family again!

With these ideas, tips, and trends- you will be able to create tabletop masterpieces in minutes! Using what you have on hand, buying new, and reinventing the existing pieces you already own, puts a whole new spin on things.

Decorate your table for special occasions, holidays, seasonally, or “just because”, and reconnect with the most basic element in a household- the family meal.

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